Devika’s work emerges from a concern for justice and a desire to heal and transform embodied systemic oppression. The aim being self and collective empowerment. She thus views her artistic processes as resistance praxis: a space for resilience where notions of care, support, codependency, vulnerability, pleasure and healing are centered and form the main conditions for constructing processes of transformation and its embodiment.

Mainly creating work within a queer intersectional framework, she uses performance art and language as entry points into understanding how hegemonic technologies of power shape bodies, times, spaces and their interrelationality. Striving to translate the unexpressed desires of predecessors, ancient rhythms and queer futurities into prefigurative politics and a poetics of change.

Devika graduated from the School for New Dance Development (2022) and currently holds the position of research fellow at If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution (AMS). Besides her artistic endeavours, she contributes to community work and activism in the Netherlands as the co-founder of Hindostaans & Queer, a member of Fite Qlub and as part of the ECHO Ambassadors community.

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