Teri Khatir

How do we connect to histories that have been silenced or intentionally erased? How do we trace embodied archives and invoke the voices of those who never made the cut of being registered in the books, into affective registers of the now? Can we attune ourselves to their infra-low frequencies: sounds that go beyond hearing and must only be felt?

Devika is inviting you to a moment of simultaneous mourning and celebration. A sonic and physical journey through different languages, rhythms and (communal) selves. With the conviction that rhythm, just like self and actuality, are reinforced through repetition, but that repetition can certainly be subverted.

Performed at Tempel (Amsterdam), Muiderslot (Muiden) & Uferstudios (Berlin)


Performers: Devika Chotoe, Tina Londa ke Naach

Advisory: Angelo Custodio, Paula Montecinos
Visual language consultant: Rhys McGovern

Headpiece: Naomi Lilith Quashie

Photography: Carla Curado Gloria, Nellie de Boer


N/Pantla is an ongoing research collaboration between Paula Montecinos, Pedro Matias and Devika Chotoe, towards creating porous environments from which the body echoes the broader socio-political and natural context. Borrowed from Gloria Anzaldua, N/Pantla is the liminal place where realities interact and imaginative shifts happen.

Working with vocal performance, movement, DIY sound technologies and sonic objects, the artists approach live sound and resonant materialities as an attempt to address how intimately tied gendered and racialized capitalism are to our communal sense of self-preservation and self-perceptive processes. Through a corporeal debordering of fractured mixes and remixes, frequencies, vibrations, half-spoken words, whispers, contemplations, hums and laments; Paula, Pedro and Devika invite the audience to listen through eachother’s skin and shapeshift visual and haptic borders.


Sound: Paula Montecinos

Art pieces & light design: Pedro Matias

Performance: Pedro Matias, Paula Montecinos, Devika Chotoe

Costumes: DragaDina

Photography: Nellie de Boer

Supported by Amarte Fonds, AFK, ATD-Aart Janszen Fond

All I’m In Is Just Skin

‘’When I reach to touch you, I touch not the you who is fixed in space as pre-orchestrated matter/form. I touch the you that you will become in response to my reaching toward’’(Erin Manning, Politics of Touch)

What does it mean to hybridize the dichotomy between self and other? To not be a guardian of the definite when eyes meet a surface and surface becomes a site of projection, but to think of the meeting of surfaces as a site of the emergence of unrecognised potentialities. To invite a perception through touch and by doing so subvert the premise of skin as a border. Allowing skin to become loci of a processual becoming: not being reduced to a singularity, but be situated in the movement of -and beyond- boundaries.

This video work was exhibited in 2020 in Nieuwe Vide Haarlem within the context of ''Queer Diasporas'' and in Motormond Gallery Amsterdam. Now available to watch online:



Creative concept: Devika Chotoe

Performers: Ummi Renteria Wouters & Salya Berraf

Videography: Pablo Alanes, Anisa Xhomaqi (Ani Jo)

Sound: Maarten Brijker (Yon Eta)

Light design: Katinka Marac

Stereo Atypical Healing

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