All I’m In Is Just Skin

‘’When I reach to touch you, I touch not the you who is fixed in space as pre-orchestrated matter/form. I touch the you that you will become in response to my reaching toward’’ – (Erin Manning, Politics of Touch)

What does it mean to hybridize the dichotomy between self and other? To not be a guardian of the definite when eyes meet a surface and surface becomes a site of projection, but to think of the meeting of surfaces as a site of the emergence of unrecognised potentialities. To invite a perception through touch and by doing so subvert the premise of skin as a border. Allowing skin to become loci of a processual becoming: not being reduced to a singularity, but be situated in the movement of -and beyond- boundaries.

This video work was exhibited in 2020 in Nieuwe Vide Haarlem within the context of ''Queer Diasporas'' and in Motormond Gallery Amsterdam.


Creative concept: Devika Chotoe

Performers: Ummi Renteria Wouters & Salya Berraf

Videography: Pablo Alanes, Anisa Xhomaqi (Ani Jo)

Sound: Maarten Brijker (Yon Eta)

Light design: Katinka Marac

Queer Diaspora
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All im in is just skin