N/Pantla is an ongoing research collaboration between Paula Montecinos, Pedro Matias and Devika Chotoe, towards creating porous environments from which the body echoes the broader socio-political and natural context. Borrowed from Gloria Anzaldua, N/Pantla is the liminal place where realities interact and imaginative shifts happen.

Working with vocal performance, movement, DIY sound technologies and sonic objects, the artists approach live sound and resonant materialities as an attempt to address how intimately tied gendered and racialized capitalism are to our communal sense of self-preservation and self-perceptive processes. Through a corporeal debordering of fractured mixes and remixes, frequencies, vibrations, half-spoken words, whispers, contemplations, hums and laments; Paula, Pedro and Devika invite the audience to listen through eachother’s skin and shapeshift visual and haptic borders.


Sound: Paula Montecinos

Art pieces & light design: Pedro Matias

Performance: Pedro Matias, Paula Montecinos, Devika Chotoe

Costumes: DragaDina

Photography: Nellie de Boer

Supported by Amarte Fonds, AFK, ATD-Aart Janszen Fond