Teri Khatir

How do we connect to histories that have been silenced or intentionally erased? How do we trace embodied archives and invoke the voices of those who never made the cut of being registered in the books, into affective registers of the now? Can we attune ourselves to their infra-low frequencies: sounds that go beyond hearing and must only be felt?

Devika is inviting you to a moment of simultaneous mourning and celebration. A sonic and physical journey through different languages, rhythms and (communal) selves. With the conviction that rhythm, just like self and actuality, are reinforced through repetition, but that repetition can certainly be subverted.

Listen to the work as part of SAVVY Contemporary's Radiobooks:

4+3=1 // RADIOBOOK 11 WITH Devika Chotoe by SAVVY Contemporary | Mixcloud


Performers: Devika Chotoe, Tina Londa ke Naach

Advisory: Angelo Custodio, Paula Montecinos
Visual language consultant: Rhys McGovern

Headpiece: Naomi Lilith Quashie

Photography: Carla Curado Gloria, Nellie de Boer